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Lady Primrose

Tryst Bath Salts, Grand Decanter

Tryst Bath Salts, Grand Decanter

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Tryst Bath Salts presented in our Grand Decanter, a stunning statement piece for your home that displays about 12 inches tall! *NEW* Style! Majestic. Comes adorned with Tryst sparkles.  Simply pour in your bath and be swept away in softness.

  • Fine grain Bath salts infused with our Tryst scent, pearly white hue
  • NOTES: white tea, white lily, chamomile, green florals, jasmine, fleur d'orangery
  • Stimulates circulation, exfoliates, and conditions for a soft and healthy glow
  • Draw your bath, pour salts, allow 10 minutes before slipping in so salts may soak.  
  • Beautiful decanter can be Refilled, Reused, or Repurposed!
  • Tryst Bath Salts Refill, Large is available to refill. 
  • 30 oz | 11.75 x 5.5 x 3" | 5.2 lbs 
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