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Lady Primrose

Royal Extract Bath Gel Grande Crystal Decanter

Royal Extract Bath Gel Grande Crystal Decanter

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Royal Extract Bath Gel is presented in our Grand Decanter, an elegant statement piece for your home. Comes adorned with our signature Royal Extract Bee!  Simply pour in your bath and be swept away in mounds of bubbles! 

  • Bath Gel infused with our Royal Extract scent, honey-golden hue
  • NOTES: creamy milk, sweet honey, apple blossoms, orange extracts, precious woods
  • Moisturizing, good for all skin types, pH balanced, can also use as a shave gel
  • Pro-Vitamin B enriched, Royal Jelly, Honey, and coconut extract enhance our Royal Extract bath gel 
  • Beautiful decanter can be Refilled, Reused or Repurposed!   
  • 32 oz | Crystal Decanter | 8.5 x 5 x 3" | 5.8 lbs | Royal Extract Bath Gel refill available
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