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Lady Primrose

Royal Extract Dusting Silk Powder Iconic

Royal Extract Dusting Silk Powder Iconic

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Royal Extract Dusting Silk Body Powder scents and softens skin enhanced with a little golden shimmer. Unique to Lady Primrose, the iconic dusting silk shaker with silver topper sprinkles on the body powder fragrance once gently shaken.  Makes a great dry shampoo as well!

  • Royal Extract shimmer body powder is talc-free, soothing, retains moisture, and calms skin
  • NOTES: creamy milk, sweet honey, apple blossoms, orange extracts, precious woods
  • Satiny smooth shimmer body powder, ultra-fine, use with our body creams or lotion to enhance softness and help lock in moisture.
  • Sprinkle on fine linens or under pillowcases for a beautifully scented and restful sleep.  Powders can be used as a Dry Shampoo.  
  • 4 ounces - settles during shipment | store in cool dry place for best results
  • 7" tall | glass | Silver topper nickel-plated-tarnish-free | Refillable, refills available.
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